Toronto International Book Fair - News

We proudly present our highly attractive stand as it can be seen at Toronto International Book Fair.

We brought a wide range of our features to the show: in the middle you can see our 3D titles, and a selection of our storybooks and other non-fictions have been placed to the sides.

The book fair is still on, so make it sure to visit our stand if you happen to have some spare time at the fair!

Presence at Book Fairs This Autumn

We are happy to announce our stands' numbers at the upcoming book fairs we attend this autumn.

If you are interested, take a closer look here:


See you at our stands!

Presence at Warsaw Book Fair

Some of our books have been displayed in Jednosc's booth at Warsaw Book Fair.

Check out how nice they look on those shelves!

Hope you were able to recognize all our books among the other titles of the publisher. If not, take a tour here, and then come back for a second glance.


Thank you, Jednosc, for putting a few Graph-Art books on your shelves!

First Release in Vietnam

We are proud to announce that our Knights and Warriors have been released in Vietnamese at the opening of Huy Hoang Bookstore on May 25th.


You can read more here (Google translate might come in handy).

Here's a short video of the stylish and elegant bookstore.


Many thanks for our Vietnamese partners and congratulations for the opening of the brand new Huy Hoang Bookstore!


Newsletter & Subscription

Yesterday we launched our first newsletter project. It was not a box office hit, but good for a start.

Thinking about how to reach out to more people, we decided to put a subscription box on top of the News section, thus giving the public the liberty to let our newsletters land in their inboxes.

So please subscribe to our mail list, to which we will send a letter every month or two, depending on how much CNN we watch. Just kidding, our newsletters will give info on our latest products and upcoming book fairs we're going to visit.

Not a huge effort, and the reward is guaranteed!

First Croatian Agreements

We are happy to announce that we have signed many agreements with our first Croatian client last week!

The All About the World series, as well as Giant Machines and Vehicles are no longer available in Croatia.

Thank you for choosing Graph-Art!

Back Home from Bologna

We had a wonderful time at Bologna International Children's Book Fair last week!


We owe our visitors a debt of gratitude for showing up at our stand and displaying such a genuine interest in our products.

Also, thanks for all those people who --- either on purpose, or by chance --- showed up at Graph-Art's presentation at Digital Café.


Hope to see you again next year!

Presentation at Digital Café

Graph-Art Publishing House will deliver a 30 minutes presentation at Digital Café during the Bologna International Children's Book Fair.

The presentation thematizes different technological developments that our team has been using to exceed the limits of printed media in preparing illustrations for our publications.

The title of the presentation is "More Than Paper: Visual Effects in the Books of Graph-Art," and it is going to be delivered at Digital Café which you can find at stand B90 in hall 26.

If you are interested in what we have to say about using various sorts of visual effects in books, please do come and give the address a listen.

Graph-Art's Exhibition at Bologna

We are going to the Bologna Book Fair (24th - 27th March) to exhibit many of our new titles. Just to name a few: The Cycle of Life, Look Around In the Zoo, 3D Dinos 2., How the World Works - Natural Phenomena.


Make sure to meet us at stand A/47 in pavilion 25, or contact us for an appointment at the book fair either in the "Request Forms" menu or via e-mail (see "Contacts").


Let's have a good talk and a great time at the fair!