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Girls Only

Our book let you insight Sandy and her girlfriends, Penny, Lily and Gabby's everyday life. You can learn how teenage girls get on with the world of fashion and beauty, what kind of pets they have and who their favourite stars are. Moreover they provide you with some creative and magical ideas.

Tags: fashion lifestyle

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My First Fashion Show

Make your own dress collection for your fashion show. Let the mannequins wear fashionable clothes and accessories. Copy the coloured pictures or sketch in your very own dresses. Finally, cut out the dolls on the back and dress them with the dazzling stickers.

Tags: lifestyle fashion

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The Princess' Handbook

Open this marvelously illustrated book and let Princess Butterfly whisk you away to the world of princesses. She will show you how you, too, can become a real princess! Meanwhile, you'll learn about her day to day life and meet her friends, including Prince Star. Learn how to protect yourself against intrigue, how to put your suitors to the test and everything that an heir apparent ought to know. Make your own princess accessories and have a thoroughly fun time with the charming Princess Butterfly!

Tags: fashion lifestyle

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A Selection of Andersen's Tales

The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) is one of the world’s most popular authors of children’s literature, who delighted his readers with over 150 works in the course of his life. His writings have a marvellous power of expression and superb style, describing the finest oscillations of the soul in a masterly fashion. In his tales he teaches us that appearances are sometimes deceptive and real beauty often lies in the character of the person. His original stories, which are a unique blend of imagination, poetry and reality, bring to life real and legendary characters, kings and queens, beings with magical qualities, mermaids, fairies, plants and animals. Our volume prepared for true lovers of children's literature surprises readers with some of Hans Christian Andersen's less well-known stories as well as presenting other much-loved tales. This book endeavours to create the mood the Danish author once wished to see on the page with subtle elegance. Readers can now enjoy the eternal values of artistic images and thoughts in the form of a beautiful book.

Tags: G.TOT tale moral

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Girlie Nests

Are you about to rearrange your room, but have no clue as to how to get about it? Do you want to paint your room's walls, but do not know what accessories would fit the new color? Do you need a few ideas that would make your room a proper kind of a 'girlie nest'? Fannie, the friend of the young girls you have met in Girls Only, will help you answer these questions. Take her advices to master the basics of trends, styles, and accessories that go hand in hand with interior design. Accompany her and you can learn how to design a room that provides a nice athmosphere for you, your friends, and your pets living with you.

Tags: lifestyle fashion design

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Lily's Magical Handbook

Hey! You like to tell fortunes and practice magic, don't you? In this volume of the Teenage Know-Hows series I will help you become a real witch, just like me. I have already taught many useful tricks to my friends, and it's your turn now: you can take a sneak peek into my world, parsing through my collection of sorcery, while having a great time. This magical handbook provides all the answers to your mystical questions. You can get to know the most useful hocus-pocuses and the strangest superstitions, and you can even design your room based on magic principles. I'm sure you will be surprised how much you can get to know from a person's horoscope. See you on the magic pages of this mysterious book!


Tags: fashion lifestyle

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Create Your Own Fashion Show!

Straight to the catwalk!

This book brings you to the delicate world of fashion in an instant. Using the pages of this book, you can assemble your own catwalk without taking the scissors or the glue into your hand. Let the fashion show begin! Give the best clothes to your models and prepare unique apparel for each of them. Have fun!

Tags: fashion clothes

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Fashion Designer - Hairdos

Do you comb your hair in the morning? You do care what your hair loooks like, don't you? We invite you for playful hairdo designing! If scissors are your best friends, and you like to cut hair with them, you will definitely like this book! You can cut hairtufts and accessories out of the pages and glue them to the heads of our models. They will look even more gorgeous if you also use some of the stickers from the pages of the book. The fancy photo frames will be perfect decorations of your room, while the hairdos you create will perfectly fit the character of our models!

Tags: fashion

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Fashion Designer - Dresses

In this book you can meet Hannah, who is a fan of beautiful costumes. Her dream is to become a fashion designer and prepare stage dresses for famous dancers and actresses. She has already come up with a few ideas for dresses for herself and her friends, Esther, Petra, and Vicky. She has also selected and tailored the necessary materials and accessories for the costumes. These wonderful attires are now waiting for you to finish them by cutting, folding and gluing them to the girls' images on the pages. Hannah also gives you images of the girls with the costumes on them that show exactly how she imagined these dresses on her models. Once you finished preparing the attires, you can use the stickers provided with the book to make the dresses more unique.

When you have finished giving the clothes on the girls, you can cut out the pages with frames on them and put these images on display in your room so that your friends can also admire how wonderful your creations are.

Tags: girls' activity

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Extreme Appearances

I am sure you find animals with an unusual appearance that look strange or funny
interesting, don’t you? Would you like to see into their world and learn how they live?
Now’s your chance! The first volume in the series Animal Talent guides you through the
world of animals with the most extreme looks. Some species can thank their outrageous
colours for their stylish appearance, while other creatures you can literally see through.
There are animals that glow in the dark and others that almost disappear into their
environment. Find out about the most bizarre animal fashions: huge noses, shaggy fur,
odd characters – the mere sight of them is bound to make you smile. If that’s not enough,
you can see if you agree with the book’s choice of the ugliest species on earth! Real-life
photos show what you can read in the brief descriptions.

Sticker album: 48 pages, cardboard cover
Online test –

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