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Girls Only

Our book let you insight Sandy and her girlfriends, Penny, Lily and Gabby's everyday life. You can learn how teenage girls get on with the world of fashion and beauty, what kind of pets they have and who their favourite stars are. Moreover they provide you with some creative and magical ideas.

Tags: fashion lifestyle

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Girlie Nests

Are you about to rearrange your room, but have no clue as to how to get about it? Do you want to paint your room's walls, but do not know what accessories would fit the new color? Do you need a few ideas that would make your room a proper kind of a 'girlie nest'? Fannie, the friend of the young girls you have met in Girls Only, will help you answer these questions. Take her advices to master the basics of trends, styles, and accessories that go hand in hand with interior design. Accompany her and you can learn how to design a room that provides a nice athmosphere for you, your friends, and your pets living with you.

Tags: lifestyle fashion design

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The First Rainbow

“Once, a very, very long time ago, perhaps hundreds of thousands or even billions of years ago, there was nothing at all… There was no time and there were no people, no grown-ups, and no girls and boys. Even the world did not exist. Only God knew the endless emptiness…”

The series of books entitled The Ark was written for infant and primary school children. The first volume brings to life the Bible stories of the creation of the world: the birth of Adam and Eve, and the building of Noah’s Ark and the Tower of Babel. The messages of the Old Testament are told in a story-like way with attractive illustrations to spark the imagination of children. The books also include games closely related to the content, exciting experiments and creative handicraft activities for children.

Tags: Bible DIY lifestyle

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Sandy and the Parisian Diamond

Sandy, Lily, Gabby, and Penny are four girls who couldn't be more different from each other, yet there is an insoluble bond between them. They can beat everything together, even though they are not superheroes at all. The power they share comes from the unity they form. In the first foreign trip they take together they explore the atmospheric, magical, and mysterious Paris.  The four friends could have the best time of their life, had their vixenish old teacher, Matilda, not turn the wonderful trip into a boring sightseeing tour. Just when the four girls get tired of Paris, an unexpected twist occurs that, with some perky frolicking, makes the boring trip an exciting adventure.

Objective: Find the sheik’s horse
Target: A white Arabian thoroughbred
Distinguishing mark: Everyone is looking for him
Location: Unknown
Enemies: There's no shortage of them
Allies: There will be a few here and there

The exciting and amusing story is about four chicks who do not want anything extraordinary besides saving the world. Join them on their adventure!

Tags: youth novel girls

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Fashion Designer - Dresses

In this book you can meet Hannah, who is a fan of beautiful costumes. Her dream is to become a fashion designer and prepare stage dresses for famous dancers and actresses. She has already come up with a few ideas for dresses for herself and her friends, Esther, Petra, and Vicky. She has also selected and tailored the necessary materials and accessories for the costumes. These wonderful attires are now waiting for you to finish them by cutting, folding and gluing them to the girls' images on the pages. Hannah also gives you images of the girls with the costumes on them that show exactly how she imagined these dresses on her models. Once you finished preparing the attires, you can use the stickers provided with the book to make the dresses more unique.

When you have finished giving the clothes on the girls, you can cut out the pages with frames on them and put these images on display in your room so that your friends can also admire how wonderful your creations are.

Tags: girls' activity

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Friendship Book

This is the book where girls can write everything about their best friends. How you met each other, the things you like doing, and secret wishes. Besides friendship tests, there are masses of useful hints: advice about arranging a birthday party, great games to make a cool weekend, ideas for gifts you can make yourself... Who needs anything else?

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