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Dinos and Prehistoric Animals

The illustrated children's encyclopedia of Dinosaurs presents a detailed showcase of dinosaurs, offering allround knowledge of their era and their fellow inhabitants. The main dinosaur features are depicted and explained, ranging from their possible origins, evolution, build, diets, habits and natural habitat all the way to their native environment. Numerous facts are offered concerning modern paleontological research, including details on how the age of remains is determined or how unearthed fossils are treated. With its spectacular illustrations, this book is essentially intended for young readers - fans and beginners alike - but is also a good source of information for adults interested in the subject. To make the whole content as clear and comprehensible as possible, we have included a detailed glossary, relevant maps and a thorough word index.

Tags: zoology archeology prehistory remains

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Homes and Habits

The volume describes the residents of different habitats on earth from arctic tundra to coral atolls and from tropical rain forests to the Antarctic, and shows how animals adapt to their surroundings.

Tags: species zoology

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In the Zoo

This richly illustrated volume presents the exciting world of modern zoos through answering various intriguing questions about zoo animals and their keepers. The young readers can learn about the animals' schedule and habitat, while getting to know the ins and outs of the keepers' work. Short descriptions of each species are also included that are designed to provide the little ones with valuable scientific knowledge. The riddles included on the pages further enhance the childrens' information of a given species. At the end of this zoological journey, the young readers can find an entertaining board game for two.

Tags: zoology interesting facts

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In the first volume of the series you can explore rainforests, deciduous woodlands and coniferous forests, and make exciting discoveries in six different parts of the world. The hidden camera shots included in the volume come to life through special Augmented Reality techniques. Concise and easy-to-read descriptions, fact sheets and illustrated explanations help you expand your general knowledge of forests, providing both well- and little known facts. At the back of the book there is a glossary, an index of names and a general index.

Tags: zoology habitat interesting facts

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Fresh Waters

Fresh Waters provides a thorough survey of the various species living in lakes, rivers, wetlands and swamps. Which species are prominent near the Amazonas, in the Everglades, in Lake Baikal, or in the flood-basin of Danube? What principles govern these species' lives? How did they adapt to a given habitat? Informative descriptions, and spectacular and demonstrative illustrations help ellucidate these questions, and many other. Come and enjoy this wonderful journey with us!

Tags: zoology fauna water

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Marine Animals

Life began in the oceans and seas, and today they are home to a teeming variety of marine animals. This volume explores salt-water habitats from the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole to the ice fields of Antarctica and the creatures that live in them, including whales, dreaded sharks, seals, and dolphins.

Tags: science zoology water

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Extreme Records

Which animals can fly, run and swim the fastest? Which have the best sense organs
and which can live the longest without food or water? Which animals compete for
first place because of their gigantic or minute size? Some creatures can truly be called
the champions of bluff because of their incredible ability to trick would-be attackers.
Then there are animals that are quick to learn and intelligent, while others are not known
for their brains. Species that use different tools are definitely among the cleverest. The
record holders of the animal kingdom are scattered among the most diverse habitats of
the planet. So, what are you waiting for? Get to know them! You’ll find answers to all your
questions in this book and learn some general knowledge!

Sticker album: 48 pages, cardboard cover
Online test –

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Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals with more than 300 impressive paintings offers fascinating facts about the world of animals. The three main sections of this volume – Learning about animals, The everyday life of animals, Habitats – shows the functions of body shapes, habits, and adaptation in animal world as well as the varied life of the tropical rainforests, deserts, and other habitats. Brief descriptions, interesting fact sheets and questions encourage young readers to read independently and learn more about nature.

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European Wildlife

Explore the marvellous lands of Europe with us. Our wonderfully illustrated volume helps you roam across mountains, swamps and marshlands, resinous and deciduous forests, meadows filled with wild flowers, and seas of grasses among other places. Meanwhile, you get acquainted with the diverse animal characters that live in those habitats. For instance, the Eurasian jay, the tree planter of oak forests, the lodge-building beaver, the moor frog that turns blue, and the wolf pack that follows the trail of large ungulates. The imaginary trip takes you to the home of the European bison, the reindeer and the chamois, and also to the coastal “birthplace” of the loggerhead sea turtles.  Nothing stays hidden from you as you may catch a glimpse of tunnels running in the soil, the depths of the seas and lakes, the darkness of rock caves, and birds’ nests perched on high branches. The tour starts now! Come and discover the extraordinary wildlife of Europe.

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