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Dinos and Prehistoric Animals

The illustrated children's encyclopedia of Dinosaurs presents a detailed showcase of dinosaurs, offering allround knowledge of their era and their fellow inhabitants. The main dinosaur features are depicted and explained, ranging from their possible origins, evolution, build, diets, habits and natural habitat all the way to their native environment. Numerous facts are offered concerning modern paleontological research, including details on how the age of remains is determined or how unearthed fossils are treated. With its spectacular illustrations, this book is essentially intended for young readers - fans and beginners alike - but is also a good source of information for adults interested in the subject. To make the whole content as clear and comprehensible as possible, we have included a detailed glossary, relevant maps and a thorough word index.

Tags: zoology archeology prehistory remains

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This captivating, spectacular volume richly illustrated by three dimensional illustrations takes the reader on a scientific safari to the Mesozoic era of the earth's history many millions of years ago. Impressive paintings bring to life the mysterious world of dinosaurs, allowing a close-up look at, for instance, a super-clawed Tyrannosaurus rex or a pack of Dryptosaurus just as they pounce on their prey. Besides the terrifying carnivores, egg-stealing and fish-eating predators, as well as herbivorous sauropods as tall as houses are all included, that is to say every branch of the dinosaurs' family tree is explored. Their mating habits and how they care for their young are described, and their communication codes and other little mysteries about their lives are explained. Find out about dino record holders and get to know their nearest relatives, that is prehistoric reptiles that glided in the sky and populated the seas as well as the mammal-like reptiles overshadowed by their larger relations. A fact sheet and a map of occurrence for each creature help the reader on this adventurous journey.

Tags: prehistoric species

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Man in Prehistoric Times

This book follows the evolution of man from the appearance of the first upper primates to modern man, supported by archaeological finds and scientific theories. Where were the traces of our ancient ancestors found? Who were the first people to use fire? What did they eat? How did man manage to kill the largest animal of the age, the mammoth? Find out the answers to these and many more questions while gaining an insight into the tough, everyday life of our ancestors in prehistoric times through colourful illustrations. A spectacular and enthralling journey of discovery awaits every reader who is interested in the past.

Tags: history civilization prehistoric

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Dinos 2

The latest volume of our 3D series presents more than 50 dinosaur species, including the Tyrannosaurus, the Giraffatitan, as well as one of the more recent archeological findings called the Nasuceratops.
Readers can learn from the concise and informative descriptions about interesting facts of the species' characteristic features as well as of the excavation and examination of their fossils. The volume provides detailed and up-to-date information on the conception, history, anatomy, and evolution of each species.
Moreover, many 3D illustrations are also included on the pages, and viewing these illustrations with the provided 3D glasses brings them to life, letting the long extinct, and yet amazing, creatures and the prehistoric world they populated come within an arm's reach of the readers.

Tags: prehistoric species zoology

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