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Illustrated 3D Atlas - Racing Vehicles

64 pages
240 mm × 325 mm

This special book uses large-sized, colourful illustrations full of details to introduce the most popular and most famous racing vehicles. In addition to offering insight into the structural design and operation of these vehicles, this volume also introduces the reader to the spectacular and diverse world of technical sports. The introduction covers Formula 1 and its cutting-edge technology, the Top Fuel dragster as the king of acceleration and the various tricks and car smashing stunts of the Monster Truck. Switching from four to two wheels, the tour continues with MotoGP and off-road motorcycles as well as the fastest racing vehicles on water and in the air. The last pages of this atlas bring these fantastic racing machines into life: the 3D annex includes lifelike, fascinating, three-dimensional illustrations of more than ten vehicles.

* 19 well-known racing vehicles
* Explanatory descriptions, cutaway illustrations
* 16-page 3D annex

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