Coby and Fluffpup: The Fib Blob


88 pages
169x240 mm

Coby is an ordinary boy and Fluffpup is his loyal friend and helpmate. Their lives are full of ordinary, and not so ordinary, things. Is that rather like yours? Have you ever been made to stand in the corner when it wasn’t your fault? Perhaps you have met an angry washing machine in the bathroom court and a bunny that keeps on jumping in your exercise book. And do you sometimes talk to your dream instead of sleeping? Well, these sorts of things often happen to Coby and Fluffpup. Do they to you? What would you do if your best friend was captured by dust soldiers? And what would you say if a pastry pixie decided to live under your bed? Have you ever thought of that? These ordinary, and not so ordinary, things could happen to you, too!

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