Cosy Corner Tales


64 pages
213x275 mm

Author: Miklós Malvina
Illustrator: Győri Attila

Once upon a time a snail invited a ladybird to come and visit. But there was only room for one snail in its spiral house, so no matter how the ladybird tried, she couldn’t get through the door. “I’ll move aside,” the snail told his friend, but every time he did the house moved with him. Like this story of the snail and the ladybird, the tales in this book tell children about knotty problems and how to unravel them. The main characters are familiar figures from the world of children’s stories, animals that behave like people, but there are others, too, like the ambitious snowflake and the postman who always says no. The point of each wellcrafted, little story inspires thought among both children and adults who enjoy reading tales. The typography of this special book is part and parcel of the colour illustrations embellishing the text.

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