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Animal Kingdom - The Science of Warfare


64 pages
213x275 mm

Threatening displays of power, dangerous close-quarter combat and fights to the death - we find plenty of examples of every variety of combat in the animal kingdom, from innocent skirmishes through seriously bloody clashes. In the interest of survival, animals must also take up the gauntlet against other members of their species and predators that have targeted them as prey. Whether it is attack or defense, they can only rely on their abilities and inventiveness in this eternal war. Alone or through unified force, with fearsome weapons, tricky tactics and maneuvers of guile, they can triumph over their enemies. Warfare is risky and the stakes are great - usually, it's winner take all. 

Why do animals fight with one another? Which one of their characteristics elevate them to victory? Is it even worth entering combat, or is peace a better idea? In the first volume of the Masters of the Animal Kingdom series, we seek the answer to these and similarly exciting questions. 3...2...1... Let the battle commence!

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