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Animal Kingdom - Natural Born Artists


64 pages
213x275 mm

Have you ever heard of bower building birds? Underwater "crop circles?" Whales singing arias? Possibly about dancing spiders, or gender-changing fish? Not yet? In that case, it's time to get to know them! In Natural Born Artists, you may encounter the greatest master architects, singers, dancers and circus performers of the animal kingdom, possessing astonishing talents, and goofballs devoted to strange "fashions." You can catch a glimpse of their masterfully constructed homes, gain a sample of their abilities and habits, even witness spectacles that are only rarely seen by human eyes! And the list is not yet complete!

The second volume of the Masters of the Animal Kingdom series escorts the young reader to various points on our Earth through the presentation of astonishing creations, fascinating performances and spectacular costumes. The variety of animal behaviors is displayed through the most exciting examples, while encouraging a respect and continued study of the living world.

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