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Animal Kingdom - The Art of Hunting


64 pages
213x275 mm

"Do you want to survive? Eat, then!" States one of the most simple, most fundamental laws of the animal kingdom. "But how do we get what we desire?" the animals ask. "First, evaluate your abilities! If nature equipped you with weapons suited for the hunt, or with fast movement, you might become an excellent predator. If you happen to fall short of these, employ other tricks: Camouflage yourself, set a trap, or steal morsels from the "plates" of others. And what can one do if the "all you can eat" buffet has been depleted? "Well, yes, at such a time it is a good idea to have reserves... but if you are not too lazy to migrate, perhaps you won't go hungry then, either. If you are skilful, careful and lucky enough, then you can avoid becoming prey for others..." 

Volume 3 of the Masters of the Animal Kingdom series circumnavigates every trick of hunting, fishing and gathering, while teaching the reader the dominant, typical, exceptional or special feeding habits of the animal kingdom.

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