Science & History

European Wildlife


64 pages

Explore the marvellous lands of Europe with us. Our wonderfully illustrated volume helps you roam across mountains, swamps and marshlands, resinous and deciduous forests, meadows filled with wild flowers, and seas of grasses among other places. Meanwhile, you get acquainted with the diverse animal characters that live in those habitats. For instance, the Eurasian jay, the tree planter of oak forests, the lodge-building beaver, the moor frog that turns blue, and the wolf pack that follows the trail of large ungulates. The imaginary trip takes you to the home of the European bison, the reindeer and the chamois, and also to the coastal “birthplace” of the loggerhead sea turtles.  Nothing stays hidden from you as you may catch a glimpse of tunnels running in the soil, the depths of the seas and lakes, the darkness of rock caves, and birds’ nests perched on high branches. The tour starts now! Come and discover the extraordinary wildlife of Europe.

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