Paws New Adventures


48 pages

Fantastic new stories await us in the storybook about the dwellers of the fabled Round Forest. To our surprise, the snowball king comes to life who does not shy away from heated situations. We become part of an adventurous cherry harvest and go in search for Ringlet the little rabbit who ran away. After the perilous adventure, we may take a rest in the attic of the spring fairy’s citadel, home to the Easter Bunny whose enviable realm is visited by Jiminy the little mouse who returns home after his visit with a basket full of coloured eggs. His joy does not last long, but noble intent and will may yet turn his fate to the better. Is it perhaps better to remain silent in certain situations? We get to know from the story about the brave soldiers and of course it also turns out why it is better to be safe than sorry. The main characters of the book are introduced by our old friends Paws, Bamboo, Rusty, Grumpy and Buzz.

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