Science & History

An Interstellar Journey


64 pages

Based on the latest scientific knowledge, Interstellar Journey – In search of Life is a thrilling, real-time report on a future galactic space flight, providing a wealth of interesting and eye-popping information. The story of this voyage of discovery in our cosmic neighbourhood is complemented with eye-catching, highly detailed illustrations and informative and intriguing explanations. 

How are stars and planets born? What is a black hole? Where can life possibly exist within our Solar System and beyond? How do astronauts prepare for life in space? Why does Mars have blue sunsets?

About the author - For astronomer Dr Tibor Hegedüs, the head of the Baja observatory of the University of Szeged, popular education about astronomy, i.e. introducing young people into a world that is highly complex and fascinating at the same time, is a labour of love.

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