Science & History

Dinos and Prehistoric Animals


150 x 180mm
424 pages

Authors: dr. Mártonfalvi Zsolt et al.

The illustrated children's encyclopedia of Dinosaurs presents a detailed showcase of dinosaurs, offering allround knowledge of their era and their fellow inhabitants. The main dinosaur features are depicted and explained, ranging from their possible origins, evolution, build, diets, habits and natural habitat all the way to their native environment. Numerous facts are offered concerning modern paleontological research, including details on how the age of remains is determined or how unearthed fossils are treated. With its spectacular illustrations, this book is essentially intended for young readers - fans and beginners alike - but is also a good source of information for adults interested in the subject. To make the whole content as clear and comprehensible as possible, we have included a detailed glossary, relevant maps and a thorough word index.

Tags: zoology archeology prehistory remains

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