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How the World Works - Natural Phenomena


213 x 275mm
64 pages

Author: Horváthné Sipter Judit

You like nature, don't you? And having adventures? Then come on an exciting journey with us! If you join us, you'll discover the really beautiful places and expand your knowledge. You will learn about the secrets hidden in the darkness of caves and come face to face with the destructive power of tornadoes and ocean waves. You can read about dormant and active volcanoes, and gain an insight into the wonders of space. You can visit the frozen realm of the North pole and see the day-to-day lives of Eskimo children as well as admire a magnificent waterfall and follow a river along its course to the sea. Have a wonderful trip! - Chip and Bonnie

Bonnie and Chip are siblings, and very curious children, who want to know everything about the world. They are courageous, and they love traveling and partaking new adventures. On their first journey they travel around the world, visiting a whole lot of fascinating places.

* AR effects

* cartoon-style illustrations

* humorous language

* experiments, plotting-board-like, illustrative explanatory drawings

Tags: popular science augmented reality

This is the promo video of our series called How the World Works. Some of the Augmented Reality animations you can find in the series' volumes are included in this video.

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