Hero of Adventures - Edgar, the Curious Little Mouse


213 x 275mm
48 pages

Author: Csendes Istvánné

Edgar is a joyous, funny little mouse, who lives on a small farm, and is always daydreaming of the bustling Big City life. One sunny day, out of the blue, he receives an invitation from his godfather, where his epic adventures begin. You could not begin to even think of the truly exciting things the commotion of the Big City holds for such a lively, curious little mouse! Where does destiny take him? What kind of friends does he make? The train station, the library, the zoo and the kindergarten are just a few of the places where even you could have met him. But what about the hot air balloon race? Or the skiing trip? How dangerous can a shoe-shop sale become? Who is Brainy Brian, Ilma and Wilma? All these questions will be answered for you once you read the amazing adventures of Edgar, the curious little mouse. Wonderful pictures help you imagine the characters and the exciting places of this story. Brace yourself for an adventure through the eyes of a cute little rodent, and let him take you where no man has ever been before!

Tags: moral tale

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