Science & History

The Illustrated Atlas of World War II


240 x 325mm
48 pages

Author: Szabó Imre

How did Adolf Hitler come to power? What is blitzkrieg? What was the miracle of Dunkirk? How did a few soldiers on motorcycles occupy a whole town? What was wolf pack? How was the American fleet sunk in an hour and a half? What were tigers and panthers doing in the perishing Russian winter? What did the inside of a World War II fighter look like? After whom was the plane that dropped the atomic bomb named? Readers now, discovering the history of World War II, will find answers to these and many other questions in this volume. For those who do not find answering the above questions challenging, however, this book may have even more in store as they may peruse the weapons, aircraft and military vehicles of the era in large, highly detailed, colour illustrations which help show the development of military technology in the six years of the war.

Tags: history technology war civilization

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