Grimm Tales


240 x 240mm
208 pages

Selected by: Bihari Erzsébet, Márián Katalin, Dobos Edit

The Brothers Grimm are best renowned for collecting tales. The most beautiful and popular stories from their collection of folk and fairy tales have been read for generations and are still read by children today. Some of them are of an instructive nature, others express folk wisdom, and yet others endeavour to put the language of animals into human speech. Storywriters of later periods have often incorporated recurrent motifs from Grimm tales into their own writing: the ingenuity of the weak, the victory of good over evil, the triumph of brain over brawn have been written about again and again for centuries as the eternal longing of youth. The best of the Brothers Grimm's tales have been selected for this volume. The 28 tales in this anthology are an important tool not simply in the development of children's sense of refinement but also in preparing them for life. The illustrations of artistic merit inspire the imagination and reflect the spirit of the stories, bringing characters to life. This careful selection can be an indispensable and much used volume in a well-stocked home library.

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