Learning About Animals


213 x 275mm
48 pages

Author: Dobos Edit

My name's Flora, and I'm seven and a half. My favourites are doughnuts and my Aunt Agnes's cake. If you come with me on my journeys of discovery full of fun and adventure, you can get to know her too. This summer, for the first time, I could leave the big city where I live with my parents and go to the countryside. Actually, this was the first time I made friends with animals, and explored the woods and fields. Come with me! Matt is a really smart boy and knows everything about animals and plants. When he rides his bike, he goes as fast as the devil! He is my best friend and I discovered the countryside with him. In the industrialised countries of the world most children grow up in an urban environment and have no direct contact with rural life. The stories in this book illustrated by beautiful pictures invite young readers to a country garden fragrant with the sent of hay. There they can hear the morning din of the poultry yard and, if they like, can search for the lost donkey on a jolting horse and cart, or drive the well-fed geese home from the meadow. They can roam together with Flora and Matt, and learn all about domestic animals from the entertaining stories rich in dialogue containing much new knowledge.

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