Christmas Tales from the Attic


213 x 275mm
32 pages

Author: Csendes Istvánné

This story is about Fanny, an ordinary eight-year-old girl, just like any other. She spent her Christmas holidays in the countryside at her grandparents' old house. After she arrived, she wasn't bored for a minute, but poked her nose curiously into every corner. Exploring the old house, she soon discovered the attic. She found herself among seemingly dusty, shabby old things but, when the old mirror suddenly spoke to her, Fanny felt that by opening the attic door she had entered Storyland. The junk started telling her exciting stories about fragile dolls, mysterious people and bygone times. Fanny listened to their tales with her mouth agape, hardly suspecting that the approaching Christmas would bring new adventures to make her life even more magical. Even the setting of Christmas Tales of the Attic inspires the fantasy of children. Young readers visit an old attic in seven unrelated stories, where in their imagination they can join in adventures full of emotion and excitement. Thinking about these life situations woven into tales can give new value to children's pre-Christmas expectations. Artistic illustrations help young readers relive the stories.

Tags: G.TOT

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