Illustrated Bible Stories


240 x 298 mm
224 pages

Editors: Miklós Malvina, Márián Katalin, Dönsz Judit

Illustrated Bible Stories is a selection for younger and older children alike that intends to open a window onto the world's most published book, the Bible. In our frenetic age it is, perhaps, more important than ever before for people, and especially the generation growing up, to experience the enduring thoughts on which values may be founded or measured. The volume contains over 200 major stories from the Old and New Testaments. The ancient scriptures such as the story of the creation, Noah's ark, the exodus of the chosen people, Moses and the Ten Commandments or the life, teachings and miracles of Jesus are invaluable sources of wisdom and learning, and are at the same time uplifting, filling the reader with joy and love. It is hoped that whoever peruses Illustrated Bible Stories will read the stories with interest, whether encountering them for the first time or anew, and will become more open to seriously studying the ever valid guidance of the Bible. The inspired, superb quality illustrations do not only please the eye but draw attention to the simple yet detailed texts. Whoever chooses Illustrated Bible Stories will be rewarded with a comprehensive, well-made, valuable, easy-to-use book. An excellent choice!

Tags: moral fable lifestyle

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