Science & History

Illustrated Atlas of Modern Wars


240 x 325mm
48 pages

Author: Bálint Attila, Szabó Imre

Submarines with the power to destroy armies lurking in the ocean depths, armed nuclear bombers circling over the Arctic Circle, and hidden missile silos in the Siberian forests and in the bowels of the Rockies were commonplace in the Cold War. Never in the history of the world were so many wars waged as in the second half of the 20th century. Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Afghanistan, the Falkland Islands each was the theatre of a bloody war; wars which affected both superpowers and which threatened to spread the conflict like wildfire, raising the spectre of a third world war and the destruction of mankind. This volume, which can be regarded as the continuation of the highly successful Illustrated Atlas of World War II, shows the weapons, aircraft and military vehicles of the era in large, highly detailed, colour illustrations. These help demonstrate the great development of military technology in the fifty years following World War II.

Tags: history technology war civilization

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