Breezy - Breezy, the Little Pony


213 x 275mm
64 pages

dr. Csürkéné Tóth Dóra

After much wandering, Breezy the little pony, who had run away from the travelling circus, stumbled upon Flower Farm. Becky, the farmer's daughter, was overjoyed when she saw that a stray pony had found her way to them. But not everyone in the barn was so happy about the new arrival. Butty the goat didn't like the uninvited guest one little bit. This led to such a fuss that the barn caught fire. But Breezy's good heart and cool head helped save the terrified animals. Soon they grew to like the clever, helpful pony and together they had many adventures. They willingly followed her when she went to look for the lost kittens or searched for the puddle that disappeared. Listening to and reading Breezy's adventures you, too, can be part of the exciting world of everyday life on Flower Farm.

Tags: tale little ones moral

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