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3D Books - Dinos 2


240 x 264mm
64 pages

Authors: Bagoly Ilona, Dönsz Judit, Dr. Martonfalvi Zsolt, Szél László

The latest volume of our 3D series presents more than 50 dinosaur species, including the Tyrannosaurus, the Giraffatitan, as well as one of the more recent archeological findings called the Nasuceratops.
Readers can learn from the concise and informative descriptions about interesting facts of the species' characteristic features as well as of the excavation and examination of their fossils. The volume provides detailed and up-to-date information on the conception, history, anatomy, and evolution of each species.
Moreover, many 3D illustrations are also included on the pages, and viewing these illustrations with the provided 3D glasses brings them to life, letting the long extinct, and yet amazing, creatures and the prehistoric world they populated come within an arm's reach of the readers.

Tags: prehistoric species zoology

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