Faybellina, the Wordweaving Fairy


213 x 275 mm
64 pages

Author: Miklós Malvina

Faybellina comes from a family of wordweaving fairies. She’s an old fairy now and all she does is weave words into tales and turn yarn into well-spun stories. When she has woven a tale, she flies off to the attic of an old house and pops it in the drainpipe. Then, one fine summer’s morning, a terrible thing happens. The word-loom gets stuck. The children wait and wait in vain, but no more stories come – that is until Faybellina and her friends, the elves, find the key to the problem. From that moment on new, fabulous tales of fairies and elves enter the realm of stories.

By living through the chronicle of saving the tales and the adventures in the other chapters of the book, children learn human values, such as joy, helpfulness and community spirit, which help to develop a well-balanced, happy personality. Superbly painted illustrations and notes from Faybellina’s diary about the mysterious life of fairies ideally complement the story’s magical world. 

Tags: tale moral fairy

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