Edgar's Life


213 x 275 mm
48 pages

Author: Miklós Malvina
Illustrated by: Nagy Attila

One fine day the hero of our story, Edgar the curious little mouse, can’t get into his cosy home, the pumpkin house. The key he is trying to open the door with won’t turn the lock. As he is stuck outside, he takes his leftover peanut butter sandwich out of his bag. And what luck! He finds his key to the door there, too. But whose can the other key be? Puzzled, Edgar puts the seemingly useless key into his pocket and gives it away to his friend Bunny the next day. Before long his friend goes on a journey and also takes the mysterious key. The following day Edgar finds a locked red chest in the garden of the pumpkin house. Who put that there and what is in it? The little mouse is eager to get to the bottom of the mystery and sets off to find Bunny...
Follow this exciting story full of twists in marvellously painted, delightful settings. 

Tags: tale moral

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