Bedtime Stories for Little Ones


213 x 275 mm
64 pages

Author: Miklós Malvina

The stubborn little donkey has had enough of always having to pull the gardener’s apple-crate filled little carriage from hill to hill, crossing meadows and clearings all the way to the market, so he runs away. Soon after, the rabbit and the squirrel swap tails, the songbirds learn to speak foreign languages, and the snail is painting colorful flowers in the middle of the clearing. So many unusual events! Assuming that we are not deep in the heart of the fairyland forest, where the endearingly illuminating stories of our children’s book are taking place.  The beautifully illustrated stories on friendship, resourcefulness or sly impishness not only provide great entertainment but also promise sweet dreams to children reading or listening to these bedtime stories.

Tags: tale moral

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