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The Cycle of Life - Seas


213 x 275 mm
64 pages

Author: Dönsz Judit

This volume of The Cycle of Life surveys the natural diversity of tropic and arctic seas, focussing on both shallow- and deepwater creatures. How does a coral-reef form? What gives animals living deep down in the dark their sense of locality? The volume visits such areas as The Mexican Baja California peninsula, the Barents Sea, or the Australian Great Barrier Reef, featuring enthralling descriptions and highly realistic illustrations. Come and join us on this wonderful journey!

Tags: zoology fauna flora

Here's a sneak peak of what our signature mobile app called The Cycle of Life is like in action. All the user has to do is scan the assigned images on the pages with the camera of an Android device, and a 3D animation pops up on the device's screen displaying the scanned image in a navigable 3D environment with animals hidden in Magic Boxes.

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