Tales About Animals


240 × 264 mm
48 pages

Author: Miklós Malvina

“I’m Champ the chimpanzee. I was just waiting for someone to come by and play dodgeball with me. This is a game where…” but without explaining any further Champ picked up a sizeable pumpkin and threw it straight at Malcolm. The mole tried to avoid the large vegetable, but it was no use. Champ had already thrown yet another pumpkin, which smashed to pieces right on the mole’s head.
“Cut it out!” Malcolm shouted.
But what Champ heard was:
“Go find another pumpkin!”
And he did not need to be told twice!

Mole Malcolm and his friends encounter many an unusual and often funny adventure whilst looking for delicacies to eat or trying to find a home for themselves. Luckily, after a few unsuccessful attempts, they always manage to come up with a cunning plan to overcome all the obstacles in their way. At other times fairies and pixies rush to their aid to help them out of sticky situations. This way or that, the animals of the forest always prove their worthiness and generosity, whilst prompting children just beginning to discover the joy of reading to use their wit and imagination.

Some of the stories in this beautifully illustrated book:

African adventure
The centre of the world
Basil’s birthday
What’s inside?

Tags: tales moral animal

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