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Amazing 3D Album - The World of Animals


240 x 264mm
48 pages

Author: Gál Orsolya

Did you know that dolphins can swim and sleep at the same time? Would you believe that the blood of fish living in cold climates contains antifreeze liquid? You could never guess how many interesting phenomena can be found in the animal kingdom. All the various species adapt to their environment in even more various ways, and they survive in the midst of incredible circumstances. The iguana, for instance, risks its life when it dives into the water to find food. Have you heard about the shark's teeth? Well, sharks are capable of replacing teeth in the front row right after losing one, due to the multiple rows of teeth hidden in their jaw! If you want to discover every single detail about the lives of animals, just put your special 3D glasses on and immerse in the extraordinary world of animals.

Tags: zoology 3D

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