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3D Books - The Age of Knights


240 x 264mm
64 pages

Author: Kész Barnabás

The idea of the knight is usually associated in our minds with images of fearless crusaders of the middle ages, as they are charging on the battlefield with their spears forward, testing their strength in duels, or going on adventures accompanied by their loyal squires. Their armor is shiny with sunlight. Their shields are emblazoned with lions, eagles, and dragons. Their capes are sailing behind them, and  the wind flutters royal flags above their plumed helmets... Did these invincible warriors really look and behave like that? Did medieval people really live such romantic lives?
This volume answers these, and many other, questions introducing to the reader the lives of pages and squires, the training of knights, the development of knights weaponry, and the bloody battles of medieval wars and crusades. The volume also provides a glimpse behind the castle walls. You can get to know how castles were built, besieged, and defended; the way knights and the people of the castle lived their daily lives; how lords were hunting and the grandeur of a royal feast. You can get to experience the invigorating atmosphere of tournaments and duels, while also getting to feel the calmness of the lives of the villagers, town dwellers, and the church staff.
The gripping descriptions of the volume come with uniquely detailed, historically loyal, and artistic illustrations that do more than simply demonstrating the descriptions' content: they help the get a deeper understanding and a visual overview of the medieval age.


Tags: history 3D

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