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3D Books - Big Cats


240 x 264mm
64 pages

Authors: Bagoly Ilona, Dönsz Judit, Lisztes László

Tiger, lion, clouded leopard today big cats are still to be found in most parts of the world albeit numerous species have already become extinct and the future of others is uncertain. This volume describes their characteristics, their stories, essential facts, their conservation status, and myths and beliefs about big cats. Do all big cats roar? Which of these large-bodied cats is the most mysterious and which could be called the 'champion of adaptability'? Who could be given the title the 'snow leopard' and what happened to Daniel who was thrown into the lions' den? Answers to these questions as well as many other insights into the larger felines are given in easy-to-read prose.

Tags: popular science zoology species

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