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Fashion Designer - Dresses


200 mm x 285 mm
48 pages

In this book you can meet Hannah, who is a fan of beautiful costumes. Her dream is to become a fashion designer and prepare stage dresses for famous dancers and actresses. She has already come up with a few ideas for dresses for herself and her friends, Esther, Petra, and Vicky. She has also selected and tailored the necessary materials and accessories for the costumes. These wonderful attires are now waiting for you to finish them by cutting, folding and gluing them to the girls' images on the pages. Hannah also gives you images of the girls with the costumes on them that show exactly how she imagined these dresses on her models. Once you finished preparing the attires, you can use the stickers provided with the book to make the dresses more unique.

When you have finished giving the clothes on the girls, you can cut out the pages with frames on them and put these images on display in your room so that your friends can also admire how wonderful your creations are.

Tags: girls' activity

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