Science & History

Illustrated Atlas of Warplanes


240 x 325 mm
64 pages

Author: Mart Tamás

The enthralling development of warplanes brought about a great deal of technological innovation which turned the initial constructions made of wood and canvas into fearful weapons within decades. To achieve and maintain air supremacy sides had to keep introducing newer models and technologies. This book takes the dominant models one by one in each era, helping the orientation between the types of warplanes with demonstrative illustrations. Our dearest reader can learn about the strengths, weaknesses, mechanisms and use of various warplanes, all of which are used for different purposes. We showcase the structure of their weaponry, and the way they have been maneuvered in air battles. The intriguing content of the volume is complemented by large sized and rich illustrations that help reveal the enormous evolution military technology has seen in the past century. 

Tags: technology engineering warfare

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