Breezy - The New Adventures of Breezy


213 mm x 275 mm
64 pages

Author: dr. Csürkéné Tóth Dóra

So much has happened to us that our new stories again fill a whole book. These are the adventures of my favorite pony called Breezy, me and my other naimals who live on Flower Farm as well as those in the nearby fields, forest and lakeside. Because these places are buzzing with life! On one occasion some cheeky jays needed to be taught how to behave and on another agreedy hamster had to be rescued from a tight spot. But the most exciting time was when the barn animals organized an egg hunt for me at Easter and the eggs hatched in the meanwhile. Still it was a lovely surprise and we had lots of fun. Come and join us on our adventures!


Tags: tale young readers story with moral

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