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Animal Talent - Extreme Appearances

64 pages
213 mm × 275 mm

I am sure you find animals with an unusual appearance that look strange or funny
interesting, don’t you? Would you like to see into their world and learn how they live?
Now’s your chance! The first volume in the series Animal Talent guides you through the
world of animals with the most extreme looks. Some species can thank their outrageous
colours for their stylish appearance, while other creatures you can literally see through.
There are animals that glow in the dark and others that almost disappear into their
environment. Find out about the most bizarre animal fashions: huge noses, shaggy fur,
odd characters – the mere sight of them is bound to make you smile. If that’s not enough,
you can see if you agree with the book’s choice of the ugliest species on earth! Real-life
photos show what you can read in the brief descriptions.

Sticker album: 48 pages, cardboard cover
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