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Animal Talent - Extreme Abilities and Behaviour

64 pages
213 mm × 275 mm

This volume takes you round the world of animals with unusual talents. Some animals
stand out from the crowd because of their disgusting smell, while others are
pleasantly fragrant. Would you have thought that there are species that can fly without
wings or that can re-grow limbs quickly? At the same time, there are a good number of
animals that can poison an attacker. You need to be careful with them, just as you do with
the aggressive types. You can also discover which animals are the best and which are the
worst parents, and have a glimpse into unusual examples of how different species live
together. Last of all light is cast on the best sleepers in the animal kingdom who are able
to get up to strange things while they snooze. Real-life photos show what you can read in
the descriptions.

Sticker album: 48 pages, cardboard cover
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