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Pep and Tapython in the Wild

"Pep and Tapython in the Wild" has been released. Book and board game in one!

Our books in Vietnam

Pirates, Warriors and a few titles from our 3D Books serie in a bookstore in Vietnam. 

3D Books in Bulgaria

Titles from our 3D Books serie in a book store in Bulgaria. 

The Cycle of Life launch in Vietnam

Vietnamese News Coverage

We are proud to share the news coverage of a press event organized in Vietnam dedicated to Graph-Art Publishing House and its publications.

Please follow the link to see the clip:

We are grateful for the help of our Vietnamese partners and Squirrel Communications.

How the World Works Launch in China

Our amazing partner in China, Beijing Tong Xin Press, launched How the World Works last week.

Below you can find some images of the press event organized around the volumes.

We are happy for the success of the volumes and grateful for the amazing work of our Chinese partners.

Another PW Coverage

Publishers' Weekly features Graph-Art in another article on CCBF. 

You can read more here.

Thanks so much Teri Tan and Publishers' Weekly!

Post-TIBF Coverage

We are honored that INSPIRE! features an image of our stand in their tribute e-mail to the exhibitors at Toronto International Book Fair.

Hopefully you will recognize the books on the shelves on the image below.

We enjoyed TIBF so much! INSPIRE! did an amazing job with organizing the whole event.

We are more than eager to experience the amazing atmosphere of TIBF next year.

Publishers' Weekly Coverage

Teri Tan from Publishers' Weekly included Graph-Art Publishing House in her coverage of China Children's Book Fair.

You can read the full article here.

It is hard to express how grateful we are for the kind words from Teri.

Thank you so much!

China Children's Book Fair - News

Please spare a few moments of your invaluable time to take a look at the stand that exhibits this year's most exciting Graph-Art features!

As you will see the stand has been busy this year, often drawing entire crowds eager to see the enticing new titles.

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