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About us

Graph-Art has been founded as a graphic design studio in 1992, initially preparing cover images for influential publishers in Hungary, later designing illustrations for entire books. As the company's crew expanded, its field of activity has also been broadened to include the editing and making up of publications. The expertise of content production thus gained has enabled the company to start publishing its very own books beginning in 1999. In the next year, Graph-Art has been supplemented by Graph-Ker, an exclusive distribution network designed for the direct sale of Graph-Art's products on the entire territory of Hungary.

In the last decade the company has developed both in terms of content production and sales practices, while preserving the distinctive, artistic visual style that has been the trademark of Graph-Art since its foundation. As of today, the company's field of activity extends to all the phases of production: everything is carried out by the staff from developing the concept of a work through the designing and editing of the material to the illustration and make-up of the material. As a result, the company became Hungary's market leader of children's magazine and book publishing, employing more than a hundred staff members and daily supplying more than 5000 distribution locations with Graph-Art's magazines and books.

Graph-Art publications have been printed by Alföldi Printing House ever since the company began publishing, enjoying the printing house's expertise gained during centuries of its activity in the printing industry.

Graph-Art has two main fields of publications: children's magazines, and children's books, activity books, and coloring books. The company has partners in 14 countries at the present time, all of whom are publishing Graph-Art's works in quantities scaling up to hundreds of thousands of copies annually.