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Graph-Art became Hungary's market leader of children's magazine and book publishing, employing more than a hundred staff members and daily supplying more than 5000 distribution locations with Graph-Art's magazines and books.

Breezy the Hero

If you’ve already met us, you know that there’s never a dull moment at Flower Farm. But even if you haven’t heard of us yet, you’ll soon be able to join in our adventures. And if you do, you won’t have the chance to get bored because so much always happens here that it puts all us animals in the barn to the test!

Craft Magic

This book is for everyone who loves the world of blocks. Stay with Zigi, the craft kid, and he will answer your questions. He’ll show you who is your friend and who is your enemy. He’ll tell you secrets and tricks so you can be among the best crafters. Test your skills with exciting tasks, such as helping Zigi to escape from the Ender Dragon, look for the lost pig, and enjoy the amusing comic strips.


Using this book children can create decorations that are suitable for turning the home to a pleasant environment that matches the theme of Easter. Moreover, children can also learn various Easter poems and sayings and traditional Easter customs. The decorations found in the book are easy to assemble, as the components fit together easily due to hidden cuts and foldable parts. The book guarantees quality time for the whole family, in which children and parents can experience the joys of working together on simple tasks that boost children's creativity, dexterity, and sense of taste.

Fireside Stories

The characters of this book get mixed up in all kinds of unexpected, funny and mysterious events but luckily the tangled threads soon unravel by working together with plenty of goodwill and helpful intentions. Something always goes awry in the imaginary town of Hillydale but when the stories come to end peace and calm fill the hearts of young and old at Christmas time.

Flick Open This Diary!

Everyone needs to relax every now and then, don’t they? If you, too, want to fool around a little on those grey weekdays, this is just the book for you. Let your imagination go and do anything you like with its pages! Or exactly what the book suggests – cut, tear, glue, scribble and go bananas. The point is to feel good! Oh, yeah, and flick out this diary!

Folk Tales about Animals

Tales about animals not only make us laugh and think, but they also show the difference between right and wrong. There are plenty of interesting things for young children to discover in the charming illustrations, which delightfully complement this selection of folk tales.

Friendship Book

This is the book where girls can write everything about their best friends. How you met each other, the things you like doing, and secret wishes. Besides friendship tests, there are masses of useful hints: advice about arranging a birthday party, great games to make a cool weekend, ideas for gifts you can make yourself... Who needs anything else?

Grimm - Selected Tales

The tales written by the Grimm Brothers continue to be immensely popular all over the world. This richly illustrated volume offers a special selection of them. It includes the best known story of all, Cinderella. Who is not familiar with the tale of the girl with the wretched lot who is exploited by her stepmother but at the end of the story receives her just deserts, the love of the handsome prince? The story of The Fisherman and His Wife is about greed and gives a lesson on moderation, enriching readers with wise experience that is useful in life. In addition to these justly popular tales, this book contains others that are not so well-known such as The Blue Light and The Cunning Little Tailor. In this way, this book combines the pleasure of reading well-loved stories and the charm of discovering new ones


Predators (Amazing World)

When a predator attacks anywhere in the wild, the place immediately
becomes a battleground. At the bottom of the ocean the
pistol shrimp snaps its claw to shoot a bullet-like jet of water at
its quarry. On the seemingly peaceful African savannah an organised
pride of lions surround a hoofed prey animal unnoticed before suddenly
attacking in a well-rehearsed choreography. In the river red-bellied piranhas
use their razor-sharp teeth to deal with any prey they come
across in the bat of an eyelid. This marvellously illustrated book examines
the special hunting techniques of carnivores. For example, meateaters
that use electric shocks, deadly venom or light as bait to catch
prey as well as apex predators with extraordinary strength, including
the great white shark, the Nile crocodile, the tiger, the grey wolf, the
killer whale and the harpy eagle. Learn about the anatomy of these lethal
“weapons” for killing prey, such as jaws lined with very sharp
teeth, an extendable harpoon and sticky tongue, and incredible sensory
organs that help track down prey.

Round Tales

The inhabitants of Round Forest have a life full of adventures. The little animals set out together to discover the unknown with lots of fun games. However, not everything is mirth and merriment as they face several dangers in the wilderness. Meet Eeyore, Hedgehog and their friends, share their adventures in the forest and complete the short exercise at the end of each story. Explore the wilderness!

The Adventurer's Guide

This guide provides useful ideas, tips and advice for children exploring nature. It shows the basics of reading animal tracks, teaches how to navigate using the stars, and presents unusual ways of catching fish and how to make a fire. Let’s go for an adventure!

Warriors and Weapons

Gain an insight into a frightening and pitiless, yet rich and amazing world. Learn about the uniforms, hand weapons and tactics of the most eminent soldiers. This accurate, well illustrated volume invites the reader to take a spectacular journey in time through the most important ages in military history from the end of the Middle Ages to the present day, and even encourages finding out more about the subject.

Wonders of the Body

How do you see colours? How fast does information travel in your body? Why do you sleep for a third of your life? What makes your adrenalin level rise? In this book you will find the answers to many exciting questions about how your body works. Discover how your sensory organs help you find your way in the world, in other words to move around, to make contact and to recognise danger. You can learn some of the secrets of the working of your control centre, that is your brain, and the mysterious world of emotions and genes to explore who you are. Get to know about your involuntarily functioning organs that keep you alive, whose functions include processing food and fighting germs. What’s more, you can discover the secrets of a long life. Follow our everyday tips to help your organs work smoothly, and develop your stamina, a sense of balance, your memory and intelligence.