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Illustrated 3D Atlas

Illustrated 3D Atlas

Our Illustrated 3D Atlas series consists in highly informative volumes concerned with scientific and historical topics and uses 3D images to illustrate certain scenes in a more demonstrative fashion. The 3D technology allows for a much more realistic depiction of any subject, be it a sophisticated machine, or the composition of a medieval warrior's armor. In this way, the reader gets to know the subject much more thoroughly, which in turn enhances the readers' experience of the volumes' content. Thus, the peculiarity of the series lies not merely in their inclusion of 3D images, but also in their ability to provide a better understanding of a topic through their use of those images.

Giant Machines

Would you like to know more about the world's most powerful, most stunning vehicles that are unique in their own category? Which is the largest fire-fighting aircraft? Which is the biggest bulldozer? And which vessel submerges itself to pick up its load and then resurfaces? What sort of heavy vehicle moves radio telescopes in the South American desert and which machine carries glowing, molten metal? You can learn the answers to all these questions in this book presenting heavy machinery and a series of civilian and military vehicles. Discover the special features of their size, performance and operation, and their construction through large colourful, highly detailed drawings. The text full of unusual information explains the history of the vehicles, their special parts and essential information about them as well as the jobs they were designed for. The special 3D pictures at the end of the volume help you 'really' see inside these giant vehicles.


The volume presents the life of pages and squires, the training of knights and the dubbing ceremony, the evolution of armour from chain mail to the full suit armour, bloody medieval battles and the crusades, and finally the twilight of the age of knights when these medieval warriors were replaced by soldiers equipped with more sophisticated types of weapon. The book's highly detailed, historically faithful, and artistic illustrations not only accompany the informative descriptions, but also provide further information on the mediaeval era, making this age almost palpable for the reader, and further inspiring an active interest in the historical events of these dark, yet exciting, ages.

Racing Vehicles

This special book uses large-sized, colourful illustrations full of details to introduce the most popular and most famous racing vehicles. In addition to offering insight into the structural design and operation of these vehicles, this volume also introduces the reader to the spectacular and diverse world of technical sports. The introduction covers Formula 1 and its cutting-edge technology, the Top Fuel dragster as the king of acceleration and the various tricks and car smashing stunts of the Monster Truck. Switching from four to two wheels, the tour continues with MotoGP and off-road motorcycles as well as the fastest racing vehicles on water and in the air. The last pages of this atlas bring these fantastic racing machines into life: the 3D annex includes lifelike, fascinating, three-dimensional illustrations of more than ten vehicles.

* 19 well-known racing vehicles
* Explanatory descriptions, cutaway illustrations
* 16-page 3D annex
The Car

Nearly a hundred and thirty years have passed since German inventor Karl Benz debuted his first car, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, in 1886. The public of the day received the invention with mild enthusiasm. However, those who denied the significance of this revolutionary invention have been proven wrong by the existence of the many millions of cars that have been traversing the roads ever since. At the beginning of the 20th century, the car was considered an unreachable luxury for most people; today, it has become an integral part of daily life. Perhaps this is why it is worth examining it closer; how it is designed and the natural laws that govern its operation. The book guides the reader through the sometimes-complicated mechanical solutions with the aid of detailed, but easy-to-understand illustrations, taking one essential car component at a time. All this is made even more lifelike by spectacular, three-dimensional pictures.

“If the love for cars and driving is a burning passion in someone, this educational volume is the equivalent of a sacred text.”

Viktor Bárdi
Automotive engineer
Owner of Bárdi Autó Zrt.


The Illustrated Atlas of Vehicles explains land, sea, and air transport vehicles as well as those capable of space travel on large-size coloured cutaway diagram with high detail. It gives an overview of their external and internal structures, operation, and provides insight into their history too. Apart from explaining technical features, the publication describes a number of fascinating peculiarities, and raises a series of solemn as well as thrilling questions. Learn how low a deep sea submarine is capable of diving, what the differences are between a space ship and a space shuttle, or where the giant trucks, the largest transport vehicles on Earth are used.


Battles and wars were incidental to world history. The hunter of the Stone Age who protected his prey, the knight committed to his king, and the soldier served his homeland were all warriors. Generalship means not only killing but survival and winning. While endeavoring to maintain peace we shouldn't forget the brave warriors who provided peace for other people, at the expense of their lives. This volume brings to life the greatest warriors of world history by showing their weaponaries, tactics, arts of war and glorious acts. turning pages the reader imaginary can be among King Leonidas's 300 Spartan heroes at Thermopylae, march on India together with Alexander the Great, fight as a gladiator in the Colosseum, put on the armour of the knights, fire a storm of arrows at the dumbfounded enemy alongside Djengis Khan's riders and share numerous daring adventures. This scientific, richly illustrated volume shows the reader - whether being a student, teacher, parent or adult interested in soldiering - over the most important periods of military history, from the ancient to mediaval times and spurs the reader to get to know this field deeply.

Warriors and Weapons

Gain an insight into a frightening and pitiless, yet rich and amazing world. Learn about the uniforms, hand weapons and tactics of the most eminent soldiers. This accurate, well illustrated volume invites the reader to take a spectacular journey in time through the most important ages in military history from the end of the Middle Ages to the present day, and even encourages finding out more about the subject.