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Hero of Adventures

Hero of Adventures

The heroes of our books, Little Elfy, Dini, Edgar, Paws and the Fairy-Pixies, could even know one another but they each find their own way through the world of stories in separate books. Let’s see where they are going. Little Elfy falls into this world from Impland and soon gets to know the woods, where he gets mixed up in some sticky situations. Dini the little dinosaur is an orphan in the prehistoric world, who wins through seemingly hopeless adventures, just as Edgar the country mouse does in the bustling town or Paws the puppy, who always lands on his paws, in the middle of the woods. The Fairy-Pixies try to cheer up a sad young boy but realise that this is no easy task...

Dini, the Brave Little Dino

Dini, a dino kid, gets separated from his parents. Fortunately, he's not on his own for long, because in Dino Land he finds true friends that stick by him even in the most difficult situations. The kind-hearted and nifty dino kid emerges triumphant from even the most dangerous adventures. Children listening to these funny and exciting stories, and looking at the colour pictures will also learn many a thing about pre-historic animals.

Edgar, the Curious Little Mouse

Edgar is a joyous, funny little mouse, who lives on a small farm, and is always daydreaming of the bustling Big City life. One sunny day, out of the blue, he receives an invitation from his godfather, where his epic adventures begin. You could not begin to even think of the truly exciting things the commotion of the Big City holds for such a lively, curious little mouse! Where does destiny take him? What kind of friends does he make? The train station, the library, the zoo and the kindergarten are just a few of the places where even you could have met him. But what about the hot air balloon race? Or the skiing trip? How dangerous can a shoe-shop sale become? Who is Brainy Brian, Ilma and Wilma? All these questions will be answered for you once you read the amazing adventures of Edgar, the curious little mouse. Wonderful pictures help you imagine the characters and the exciting places of this story. Brace yourself for an adventure through the eyes of a cute little rodent, and let him take you where no man has ever been before!


In this volume of the series, a nine-year old boy, Augustine Lawrence Thorny to be precise, one winter becomes the hero of astonishing adventures. He meets the fairy-pixies, who he believed only existed in fairy tales. These tiny beings soon change the life of the little scallywag, who's often bored, forever. He learns to laugh from the bottom of his heart, to protect the weak and to do what he thought was impossible. This enchanting story is made even more magical by fabulous illustrations.

Little Elfy, an Adventurous Little Pixie

This volume tells the story of Little Elfie, the sweet little blue-haired pixie, who falls into an enchanted forest through the funnel of the most unusual flower. Every corner of this new world he finds himself in is filled to the brim with unexpected wonders. The exciting adventures weave genuine and true friendships between Mini pixie and inhabitants of this forest beyond the world he knows.The captivating, beautiful illustration further enhances the experience of the narrative.

Paws, the Clever Little Puppy

In this book the popular character Paws and his companions, Rusty, Stuffy, Bambu, and Buzz, embark upon several adventures together. Paws takes a sip of magical potion, Rusty receives a fortune bringing hat, with the story shedding light on how the inseparable buddies met in the first place. In the midst of the unforeseen events that are to come, they all have several chances to prove their friendship, resourcefulness and playfulness. The lovely story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations that capture the imagination of the reader.