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Graph-Art became Hungary's market leader of children's magazine and book publishing, employing more than a hundred staff members and daily supplying more than 5000 distribution locations with Graph-Art's magazines and books.

Far, Far Away

This unusual storybook introduces the reader to the adventurous life, good and bad habits, and the most characteristic qualities of giants, elves, dragons, and fairies, that is, the heroes of classic fairy tales. The amusing descriptions and short stories are complemented by fun brain-teasers that stimulate the imagination. All that is needed to answer these questions is creative thinking, and every reasoned answer is correct. This is the whole point of the book - to generate free, creative thinking in young minds.

Girlie Nests

Are you about to rearrange your room, but have no clue as to how to get about it? Do you want to paint your room's walls, but do not know what accessories would fit the new color? Do you need a few ideas that would make your room a proper kind of a 'girlie nest'? Fannie, the friend of the young girls you have met in Girls Only, will help you answer these questions. Take her advices to master the basics of trends, styles, and accessories that go hand in hand with interior design. Accompany her and you can learn how to design a room that provides a nice athmosphere for you, your friends, and your pets living with you.

Girls Only

Our book let you insight Sandy and her girlfriends, Penny, Lily and Gabby's everyday life. You can learn how teenage girls get on with the world of fashion and beauty, what kind of pets they have and who their favourite stars are. Moreover they provide you with some creative and magical ideas.

Having Fun

When you have some spare time, you can rest your body and mind at a variety of places. We are sure you have seen many circuses, zoos, and amusement parks. But have you ever stopped to think about the way clowns in a travelling circus live, the methods vets use to examine tigers, or the mysterious creatures you find in the haunted house of a theme park? In our recent journey we guide you through some of these fascinating places, as well as such sites as a racing circuit and an adventure park. A play in the theatre is also included for those young readers who are fond of music, singing, and spectacular performances. These exciting scenes are brought to life by the animations accessible via your mobile device, giving you a first hand experience of the places and events we show you. So join us on our adventurous and entertaining journey to get to know the places where you can hang out in your spare hours. - Chip and Bonnie
In case you cannot access the enthralling animations on a smartphone or tablet PC, just look up on the web and take part in the enchanting experience of our interactive content.

Illustrated Bible Stories

Illustrated Bible Stories is a selection for younger and older children alike that intends to open a window onto the world's most published book, the Bible. In our frenetic age it is, perhaps, more important than ever before for people, and especially the generation growing up, to experience the enduring thoughts on which values may be founded or measured. The volume contains over 200 major stories from the Old and New Testaments. The ancient scriptures such as the story of the creation, Noah's ark, the exodus of the chosen people, Moses and the Ten Commandments or the life, teachings and miracles of Jesus are invaluable sources of wisdom and learning, and are at the same time uplifting, filling the reader with joy and love. It is hoped that whoever peruses Illustrated Bible Stories will read the stories with interest, whether encountering them for the first time or anew, and will become more open to seriously studying the ever valid guidance of the Bible. The inspired, superb quality illustrations do not only please the eye but draw attention to the simple yet detailed texts. Whoever chooses Illustrated Bible Stories will be rewarded with a comprehensive, well-made, valuable, easy-to-use book. An excellent choice!

In the Zoo

This richly illustrated volume presents the exciting world of modern zoos through answering various intriguing questions about zoo animals and their keepers. The young readers can learn about the animals' schedule and habitat, while getting to know the ins and outs of the keepers' work. Short descriptions of each species are also included that are designed to provide the little ones with valuable scientific knowledge. The riddles included on the pages further enhance the childrens' information of a given species. At the end of this zoological journey, the young readers can find an entertaining board game for two.

Learning About Animals

My name's Flora, and I'm seven and a half. My favourites are doughnuts and my Aunt Agnes's cake. If you come with me on my journeys of discovery full of fun and adventure, you can get to know her too. This summer, for the first time, I could leave the big city where I live with my parents and go to the countryside. Actually, this was the first time I made friends with animals, and explored the woods and fields. Come with me! Matt is a really smart boy and knows everything about animals and plants. When he rides his bike, he goes as fast as the devil! He is my best friend and I discovered the countryside with him. In the industrialised countries of the world most children grow up in an urban environment and have no direct contact with rural life. The stories in this book illustrated by beautiful pictures invite young readers to a country garden fragrant with the sent of hay. There they can hear the morning din of the poultry yard and, if they like, can search for the lost donkey on a jolting horse and cart, or drive the well-fed geese home from the meadow. They can roam together with Flora and Matt, and learn all about domestic animals from the entertaining stories rich in dialogue containing much new knowledge.

Lily's Magical Handbook

Hey! You like to tell fortunes and practice magic, don't you? In this volume of the Teenage Know-Hows series I will help you become a real witch, just like me. I have already taught many useful tricks to my friends, and it's your turn now: you can take a sneak peek into my world, parsing through my collection of sorcery, while having a great time. This magical handbook provides all the answers to your mystical questions. You can get to know the most useful hocus-pocuses and the strangest superstitions, and you can even design your room based on magic principles. I'm sure you will be surprised how much you can get to know from a person's horoscope. See you on the magic pages of this mysterious book!


My First Fashion Show

Make your own dress collection for your fashion show. Let the mannequins wear fashionable clothes and accessories. Copy the coloured pictures or sketch in your very own dresses. Finally, cut out the dolls on the back and dress them with the dazzling stickers.

Paws: Come to School With Me

This highly illustrated activity book contains more than 400 amusing exercises for children that help improve their speaking, writing, memory, and many other skills. The book is also designed for parents to get to know the skills their children excels in, and those which still require improvement. Moreover, reading this book, children and parents can both enjoy the experience of playing together.

Sandy and the Parisian Diamond

Sandy, Lily, Gabby, and Penny are four girls who couldn't be more different from each other, yet there is an insoluble bond between them. They can beat everything together, even though they are not superheroes at all. The power they share comes from the unity they form. In the first foreign trip they take together they explore the atmospheric, magical, and mysterious Paris.  The four friends could have the best time of their life, had their vixenish old teacher, Matilda, not turn the wonderful trip into a boring sightseeing tour. Just when the four girls get tired of Paris, an unexpected twist occurs that, with some perky frolicking, makes the boring trip an exciting adventure.

Objective: Find the sheik’s horse
Target: A white Arabian thoroughbred
Distinguishing mark: Everyone is looking for him
Location: Unknown
Enemies: There's no shortage of them
Allies: There will be a few here and there

The exciting and amusing story is about four chicks who do not want anything extraordinary besides saving the world. Join them on their adventure!

The First Rainbow

“Once, a very, very long time ago, perhaps hundreds of thousands or even billions of years ago, there was nothing at all… There was no time and there were no people, no grown-ups, and no girls and boys. Even the world did not exist. Only God knew the endless emptiness…”

The series of books entitled The Ark was written for infant and primary school children. The first volume brings to life the Bible stories of the creation of the world: the birth of Adam and Eve, and the building of Noah’s Ark and the Tower of Babel. The messages of the Old Testament are told in a story-like way with attractive illustrations to spark the imagination of children. The books also include games closely related to the content, exciting experiments and creative handicraft activities for children.

The Princess' Handbook

Open this marvelously illustrated book and let Princess Butterfly whisk you away to the world of princesses. She will show you how you, too, can become a real princess! Meanwhile, you'll learn about her day to day life and meet her friends, including Prince Star. Learn how to protect yourself against intrigue, how to put your suitors to the test and everything that an heir apparent ought to know. Make your own princess accessories and have a thoroughly fun time with the charming Princess Butterfly!

The World Through the Eyes of Children

"Hi, I'm Pete. I live in Alaska and I'm an Eskimo. I bet you think I live in an igloo, but I don't. Our house is built of wood and stone. But grandpa has shown me lots of times how to cut blocks of frozen snow and steck them on top of each other in a circle. We use these shelters made out of ice when we go fishing."

Interesting information about countries, lands, peoples, and customs - as seen through the eyes of the children who live there.