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Amazing 3D Album

Amazing 3D Album

The volumes of the Amazing 3D Album series let you take a closer look at the world and all its wonders through masterfully engineered 3D images that include every single detail and is almost realistic than reality! This series covers every topic you might be interested in, from dinosaurs, to animals, to history. Even vehicles are included in its repertoire of fascinating things. If you want to know how things work, how things happened in history, what the things are like in the animal kingdom, you will love this series! So enroll for this journey through space and time, and get onboard the ship of knowledge!

The World of Animals

Did you know that dolphins can swim and sleep at the same time? Would you believe that the blood of fish living in cold climates contains antifreeze liquid? You could never guess how many interesting phenomena can be found in the animal kingdom. All the various species adapt to their environment in even more various ways, and they survive in the midst of incredible circumstances. The iguana, for instance, risks its life when it dives into the water to find food. Have you heard about the shark's teeth? Well, sharks are capable of replacing teeth in the front row right after losing one, due to the multiple rows of teeth hidden in their jaw! If you want to discover every single detail about the lives of animals, just put your special 3D glasses on and immerse in the extraordinary world of animals.

The World of Dinos

The tallest among them grew to 18 meters, the heaviest weighed 100 tons, and the fastest could run at 70 km/h. You want to know who I am talking about, right? It's the dinosaurs, of course. You have heard tales about dragons, haven't you? Would you believe that the figure of the dragon is based on stories about the long extinct dinosaurs? Do you want to know everything about the ancient reptilian-like creatures that had populated the world millions of years ago? If so, put your special 3D glasses on and experience the astoundingly amazing world of dinosaurs.

The World of Vehicles

Imagine you are sitting in a Formula-1 race car and you are closely examining everything in it. How do you like it? It's exciting, isn't it? In this book you can experience many cars from the inside, while getting to know the answers to a variety of interesting questions. Do you want to know, for example, the speed of an airplane? Would you like to know how many people can be accommodated on a tanker? Or are you rather interested in the way underground tunnels are built? And did you know there is something called „Moon rover”? If you are keen on getting to know the answers to all these questions, put on your special 3D glasses and get started on a journey into the fascinating world of vehicles.