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The Awesome Foursome

The Awesome Foursome

The characters of Girls Only – Sandy, Lily, Penny, and Gabby – join up once again in a fascinating adventure book. This youth novel unites entertaining and informative descriptions and vivid illustrations into an intriguing story set in Paris. Sandy and the Sheikh's Horse is the first member of a series that features similarly adventurous stories and spectacular graphical illustrations.

Sandy and the Parisian Diamond

Sandy, Lily, Gabby, and Penny are four girls who couldn't be more different from each other, yet there is an insoluble bond between them. They can beat everything together, even though they are not superheroes at all. The power they share comes from the unity they form. In the first foreign trip they take together they explore the atmospheric, magical, and mysterious Paris.  The four friends could have the best time of their life, had their vixenish old teacher, Matilda, not turn the wonderful trip into a boring sightseeing tour. Just when the four girls get tired of Paris, an unexpected twist occurs that, with some perky frolicking, makes the boring trip an exciting adventure.

Objective: Find the sheik’s horse
Target: A white Arabian thoroughbred
Distinguishing mark: Everyone is looking for him
Location: Unknown
Enemies: There's no shortage of them
Allies: There will be a few here and there

The exciting and amusing story is about four chicks who do not want anything extraordinary besides saving the world. Join them on their adventure!