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Graph-Art became Hungary's market leader of children's magazine and book publishing, employing more than a hundred staff members and daily supplying more than 5000 distribution locations with Graph-Art's magazines and books.

A Selection of Andersen's Tales

The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) is one of the world’s most popular authors of children’s literature, who delighted his readers with over 150 works in the course of his life. His writings have a marvellous power of expression and superb style, describing the finest oscillations of the soul in a masterly fashion. In his tales he teaches us that appearances are sometimes deceptive and real beauty often lies in the character of the person. His original stories, which are a unique blend of imagination, poetry and reality, bring to life real and legendary characters, kings and queens, beings with magical qualities, mermaids, fairies, plants and animals. Our volume prepared for true lovers of children's literature surprises readers with some of Hans Christian Andersen's less well-known stories as well as presenting other much-loved tales. This book endeavours to create the mood the Danish author once wished to see on the page with subtle elegance. Readers can now enjoy the eternal values of artistic images and thoughts in the form of a beautiful book.

Grimm Tales

The Brothers Grimm are best renowned for collecting tales. The most beautiful and popular stories from their collection of folk and fairy tales have been read for generations and are still read by children today. Some of them are of an instructive nature, others express folk wisdom, and yet others endeavour to put the language of animals into human speech. Storywriters of later periods have often incorporated recurrent motifs from Grimm tales into their own writing: the ingenuity of the weak, the victory of good over evil, the triumph of brain over brawn have been written about again and again for centuries as the eternal longing of youth. The best of the Brothers Grimm's tales have been selected for this volume. The 28 tales in this anthology are an important tool not simply in the development of children's sense of refinement but also in preparing them for life. The illustrations of artistic merit inspire the imagination and reflect the spirit of the stories, bringing characters to life. This careful selection can be an indispensable and much used volume in a well-stocked home library.

Sandy and the Parisian Diamond

Sandy, Lily, Gabby, and Penny are four girls who couldn't be more different from each other, yet there is an insoluble bond between them. They can beat everything together, even though they are not superheroes at all. The power they share comes from the unity they form. In the first foreign trip they take together they explore the atmospheric, magical, and mysterious Paris.  The four friends could have the best time of their life, had their vixenish old teacher, Matilda, not turn the wonderful trip into a boring sightseeing tour. Just when the four girls get tired of Paris, an unexpected twist occurs that, with some perky frolicking, makes the boring trip an exciting adventure.

Objective: Find the sheik’s horse
Target: A white Arabian thoroughbred
Distinguishing mark: Everyone is looking for him
Location: Unknown
Enemies: There's no shortage of them
Allies: There will be a few here and there

The exciting and amusing story is about four chicks who do not want anything extraordinary besides saving the world. Join them on their adventure!