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The volumes narrate sometimes joyful, sometimes moving, but always encouraging Biblical stories. The personal tone and immediate style, paired up with creative ideas, contribute to the deeper comprehension of the presented narratives. Moreover, the stories, helping to improve reading comprehension skills, are also designed to develop childrens' emotional intelligence.

The First Rainbow

“Once, a very, very long time ago, perhaps hundreds of thousands or even billions of years ago, there was nothing at all… There was no time and there were no people, no grown-ups, and no girls and boys. Even the world did not exist. Only God knew the endless emptiness…”

The series of books entitled The Ark was written for infant and primary school children. The first volume brings to life the Bible stories of the creation of the world: the birth of Adam and Eve, and the building of Noah’s Ark and the Tower of Babel. The messages of the Old Testament are told in a story-like way with attractive illustrations to spark the imagination of children. The books also include games closely related to the content, exciting experiments and creative handicraft activities for children.