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Teenage Know-Hows

Teenage Know-Hows

In the girl-oriented Teenage Know-Hows series readers can endulge in telling fortunes, particing magic, preparing all kinds of meals for holidays, get valuable healthcare tips, and also pick up some elementary knowledge of fashion. The volumes of this series cover every topic of interest for a young lady.

Lily's Magical Handbook

Hey! You like to tell fortunes and practice magic, don't you? In this volume of the Teenage Know-Hows series I will help you become a real witch, just like me. I have already taught many useful tricks to my friends, and it's your turn now: you can take a sneak peek into my world, parsing through my collection of sorcery, while having a great time. This magical handbook provides all the answers to your mystical questions. You can get to know the most useful hocus-pocuses and the strangest superstitions, and you can even design your room based on magic principles. I'm sure you will be surprised how much you can get to know from a person's horoscope. See you on the magic pages of this mysterious book!