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Look Around!

Look Around!

Look Around! is a series of books designed to provide a comprehensive summary of a certain topic for children around the age of 5-7. These volumes describe both fictitious and real worlds in an easily digestible and playfully illustrated manner. All the volumes of the series induce the young readers to develop creative thinking, to improve their learning abilities, and also to broaden their vocabulary pertaining to such topics as the everyday life of zoo animals, the customs and peoples of different langs, and the fascinating world known from tales and fables. The exciting textual material found on the pages is accompanied by interactive puzzles, playful games, attractive illustrations, and explanatory drawings.

Far, Far Away

This unusual storybook introduces the reader to the adventurous life, good and bad habits, and the most characteristic qualities of giants, elves, dragons, and fairies, that is, the heroes of classic fairy tales. The amusing descriptions and short stories are complemented by fun brain-teasers that stimulate the imagination. All that is needed to answer these questions is creative thinking, and every reasoned answer is correct. This is the whole point of the book - to generate free, creative thinking in young minds.

In the Zoo

This richly illustrated volume presents the exciting world of modern zoos through answering various intriguing questions about zoo animals and their keepers. The young readers can learn about the animals' schedule and habitat, while getting to know the ins and outs of the keepers' work. Short descriptions of each species are also included that are designed to provide the little ones with valuable scientific knowledge. The riddles included on the pages further enhance the childrens' information of a given species. At the end of this zoological journey, the young readers can find an entertaining board game for two.

The World Through the Eyes of Children

"Hi, I'm Pete. I live in Alaska and I'm an Eskimo. I bet you think I live in an igloo, but I don't. Our house is built of wood and stone. But grandpa has shown me lots of times how to cut blocks of frozen snow and steck them on top of each other in a circle. We use these shelters made out of ice when we go fishing."

Interesting information about countries, lands, peoples, and customs - as seen through the eyes of the children who live there.